TEKS Information

The Book Fairy's program supports the  Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills at all grade levels for :

Chapter 110:  English, Language Arts, and Reading.  Second grade fairy tales and fables is a direct tie in since she is a fairy!!

Chapter 117:  Fine Arts, including storytelling and performance.

She also supports technology goals for digital technology, since she uses a "document camera" with a projector, so all children can easily read the books along with her.  This can be discussed further with the students either before or after her presentation. 

A good resource for free TEKS and storytelling information is "freeTecheBooks.com"  There are 8 pages of downloadable books and sample lessons at this website.

Questions for Review after Presentation for Pre K - 2nd

1. What problem did The Book Fairy have?

2.  How many times did she have to show her magic?

3. Tell about something that happened in the library.

4.  What tests did The Book Fairy take?

5.  Tell one thing you liked about The Book Fairy.  

6.  Draw a picture of what kind of magic you want to have if you were a fairy.  

Questions for Review after Presentation for 3rd - 5th

1. Answer questions 1-5 above.

2. What makes a good storyteller?

3.  Do you think The Book Fairy is a good storyteller?

4.  What would you do differently if you were a storyteller?

5.  Do storytellers have to wear a costume?  Why is the costume important to this storyteller?

6.  Write a story about what kind of magic you would want to have if you were a fairy.

Review of The Book Fairy's Literacy Lesson

1.  How come we can't get strong brains just by putting a weight on our heads and walking around with it?

2.  Why do we need to USE our brains to get strong, fast brains?

3.  What happens to our brains if we just watch TV and play video games all the time?

4.  What one activity did The Book Fairy say would be the best way to get strong brains?

5.  Did you make a promise to The Book Fairy to be a good reader? 


6.  Are you going to keep your promise?