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 When was the last time you heard a student say, "Wow, you look like you stepped out of a book - like a fairytale!" 

This is one comment a young reader made when meeting The Book Fairy! 

The Book Fairy provides an entertaining and fun but educational experience for young readers.  One they never forget!

This was a comment one student made when meeting The Book Fairy!

Included with every event: 

Custom Bookmarks!

Each person receives one of The Book Fairy's custom bookmarks so they will always have some of her magic.  No excuses for not reading!  

The bookmarks are not available for sale to the general public.  They are only given by The Book Fairy when she visits either in person or by the internet!

School Assemblies

The Book Fairy can visit your school for either half day or full day programs. 

She has worked with both large groups (a whole grade level in the cafeteria) or smaller groups, visiting individual classrooms.  

Rates: $200 half day, $400full day

Her program lasts 30 - 45 minutes per group, depending on age.  It  includes telling her original story about how she became The Book Fairy.  (She almost failed fairy school, in fact she failed The Tooth Fairy test, but luckily found her magic in the library).  She doesn't just talk about reading, she actually reads aloud in an entertaining and exciting way, allowing the students to get involved by "helping" to read the books.  By doing this,  she models how to read aloud and make reading fun.  She then follows with her literacy lesson to encourage everyone to get a super-strong super-fast monster-truck brain by reading.  Her performance isn't finished until the children help her say the magic words and make her bookmarks appear.  She makes sure each child gets some of her magical, non-messy,  fairy dust.

Reading Night or Literacy Event

Designed for Book Fairs, Family Reading Night, Summer Reading Programs or any special reading or book themed event (such as Book Festivals).  

Only $100 for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

The Book Fairy will:

  • Greet visitors as they arrive and emcee the event if you wish.
  • Interact with participants and sprinkle them with her magical  Fairy Dust.
  • Pass out her custom bookmarks.

  • Be available for individual pictures with children.
  • Promote your Book Fair or other activities.   

Birthday Parties

The Book Fairy is perfect for princess or                     fairy tale themed parties!

The Book Fairy will:

  • Provide entertainment in the form of storytelling, reading, and a little magic. 
  • Incorporate any theme you choose and bring fun interactive books to be a part of the magic. 
  • Give each child a custom Book Fairy bookmark.
  • Take pictures with each child at the party.
  • Costs only $75 for 1 hour.