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Please excuse my fairy dust!  This website is still under construction!!  

Book a visit for your next literacy event!

 The Book Fairy provides a wonderfully entertaining, fun but educational, experience for young readers. Fees start at only $80.  Is it worth it?    When was the last time you heard a kindergartner say, "Wow, you look like you stepped out of a book - like a fairytale!" 

Custom Bookmarks:  Each  person receives their own custom bookmark, so they will always have some Book Fairy Magic.  No excuses for not reading!

The bookmarks are not available for sale to the general public,  they are only given by The Book Fairy when she is working.

One-of-a-kind Costume:

Yes, The Book Fairy's beautiful dress is hand made.  No cheesy, cheap, elastic wings here! You are paying for both a quality program and detailed workmanship when you hire The Book Fairy.  She is authentic down to the sparkles on her cheeks and purple fingernail polish.  (It's very hard to sprinkle fairy dust every day and not get some on yourself. )

She is NOT a diva, though she may dress like one!   She works to make YOUR event the BEST it can be.   She creates individualized programs to meet YOUR needs.

School Day Programs

Please note:  A $25 reservation fee is requested to guarantee your event date.

  • Full or half day programs
  • Large or small groups
The Book Fairy has programs for both large assemblies (such as one or two grade levels together in the cafeteria), and with single classes.
  • Rates are $155 for half day, $310 for full day (transportation costs added outside of the San Antonio area)
  • 30-45 minutes with each group as age appropriate.

The Book Fairy will: 

  • Blog about your event before it occurs to raise interest in your event and always blogs about her visit afterward.
  • Tell her original story to students about how she almost failed Fairy School and how she found her magic!
  • Include an interpretive reading (book of your choice or theme, or the Book Fairy will bring some of her favorites.)
  • Present a literacy lesson. "After all we don't want our brains to turn into couch potato brains, do we?  We want super fast, super strong, monster truck brains!"
  • Pass out her custom Book Fairy bookmarks to each child, and sprinkle each child with her magical, (non-messy) fairy dust.
Reading Night or Literacy Event  

Please note:  A $25 reservation fee is requested to guarantee your event date. 

Designed for Book Fairs, Family Reading Night, Summer Reading Programs or any special reading or book themed event (such as the Texas Book Festival).  Only $75 for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

The Book Fairy will:

  • Greet visitors as they arrive and emcee the event if you wish.
  • Interact with participants and sprinkle them with her magical  (non-messy) Fairy Dust.
  • Pass out her custom bookmarks.
  • Blog about your event before the event, if you wish to raise interest this way.  She will always blog afterward, so the kids can read about  the event on her website.
  • Be available for individual pictures with children.
  • If you would like to add a performance to your event (many schools start with a large group together in the cafeteria before breaking into smaller groups), there is an additional $25 fee.
Don't older students think they're too cool for The Book Fairy? 

Well, yes they do, but don't worry, The Book Fairy focuses on what good storytelling is all about.  (After all, most movies are just one way to tell a story, and the kids all like movies don't they?) She emphasizes writing, voice, strong word choice, and always encouragement to READ, READ, READ! 

(The Book Fairy has found that older students have just as much fun, as long as they are not treated like "babies!")  In fact she often gets mail from the older students asking for ideas on book reports, or telling her how they enjoyed the program.

Birthday Parties

The Book Fairy is perfect for princess or                     fairytale themed parties!

The Book Fairy will:

  • Provide entertainment in the form of storytelling, reading, and a little magic. 
  • Incorporate any theme you choose and bring fun interactive books to be a part of the magic. 
  • Give each child a custom Book Fairy bookmark.
  • Take pictures with each child at the party.
  • Costs only $55 for 45 minutes to 1 hour.