James Carson Elementary Readers are Awesome!!

Posted on May 9, 2012 at 8:05 AM

Hello to all my new friends at James Carson Elementary in Northside ISD, San Antonio, Texas!!  I had a great time visiting your school and hope you enjoyed meeting me.  I made sure to sprinkle my fairy dust all over your school, so you would have a great Children's Book Week.  It sounds like amazing fun to make bookmarks, trade books, write your own poetry and all the other fun things your teachers have planned. 

Thanks to the Kindergarten and Pre-Kinder classes for being such great listeners!  I hope you are working on getting that super fast, super strong monster truck brain.  NO POTATO BRAINS!  Remember to be "Wild About Books"!  I love that book and had a great time reading it with you.

Happy Reading!!

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