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More About Me & Fairy Magic

Part of fairy magic is that it is a secret.  So, I'm not going to tell all my secrets.  You may like to know that my name, besides The Book Fairy, is Jillian.  Just Jillian, The Book Fairy.  I have a wonderful friend, Laurie Brown, who helps me with my website and all my appointments.  Below is some information about her if you are interested.

About the Book Fairy's friend

My name is Laurie Brown and I am a storyteller, band mom, writer, Physical Therapist, plus a lot more.  Because I love books and reading, I volunteered to read every week in my children's classrooms when they were in Elementary School.  

That is how I met the Book Fairy.  I wanted to do something to get the kids excited about reading.   What could be more exciting than having THE Book Fairy come visit, sprinkle her fairy dust, and tell you all about her job?   

What began as fun for a few classes soon expanded to the whole grade level and then the whole school.  Then the Book Fairy started getting invited to other schools and libraries to spread her magic.

Work and Play

I'm a published children's writer of Bible Class materials and articles, and an aspiring picture book author.  I am a member of the  Southwest Texas Chapter of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI).  I served as Regional Advisor  for 3 years and I'm still active in the chapter.  Through my work with SCBWI, I had the opportunity to work at several national conventions and meet best selling authors and illustrators.

Professionally, I am a Licensed Physical Therapist and work in the schools with Special Education students in San Antonio, Texas.  My other interests include teaching Bible Class at my church, and keeping up with my teenage boys.  I was a Girl Scout leader for 12 years and now help my sons with Boy Scouts.  I have a daughter who is in college and twin sons who are  in High School. 

I live in a house with a dog, a cat, a snake, my husband, 2 teenage boys, and lots of books!